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In the early 90’s, a Norwegian came up with the idea of replacing environmental unfriendly paint with vinyl film. His first project was to use the film for letters on a Wilhelmsen Lines cargo vessel. After 3 years of service, the vessel was due for a regular maintenance. It was then discovered that where the vinyl film was applied, there was absolutely no corrosion under the Wilhelmsen Lines letters. Track records over the past 20+ years show that the HT Film with its special adhesive lass longer as compared to other coating systems. In addition, the film does not start fading until after 7-8 years.

Mactac Europe SA – is the manufacturer of the ORCA Mactac HT Film since the early nineties. Mactac Europe is a subsidiary of AVERY Dennison Europe which is a subsidiary of AVERY Dennison Corporation which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Niggemeyer Pro Imaging GmbH & Co. KG, Bochum, Germany is the distributor for Europe and North America.


Hornblower Group
“We are now operating more than 28 ferry boats in the New York City waters. Our experience with PPS ORCA HT2 Offshore Vinyl Film is outstanding in respect of protection and maintenance of hulls and superstructures. It has a positive impact on our maintenance budgets. In addition, the product meets our company’s environmental policy of being a GREEN PRODUCT.”

Junior Volpe
Director Special Products
Hornblower Cruises
New York, Feb 2020


Rhode Island Fast Ferry - Atlantic Wind Transfers
“Atlantic Pioneer, operated by Atlantic Wind Transfers began servicing the Block Island Wind Farm in 2016. All external surfaces above waterline we covered by PPS ORCA HT2 Offshore Vinyl Film a GREEN PRODUCT. Today, the external condition of the boat is in excellent shape and scratches on the hull and superstructure are easy to fix with no waiting time to dry as with paint. The Vinyl film performed as promised and given the easy maintenance we decided to apply it on our newest fast ferry built in 2019 the Julia Leigh.”

Charles A. Donadio, Jr.
North Kingstown, RI, Feb 2020


Blount Boats, Inc.
“Our experience with the installation of the ORCA Mactac HT Vinyl on the CTV Atlantic Endeavor was very positive. The installer did their job in 5 days without stoppage of other work and minimum interference. We saved 2 weeks stoppage time compared with a paint job and no clean-up of our facilities was necessary. It was very cost effective.”

Marcia Blount
Warren, RI, Oct 2020


Hy-Line Cruises
“Five years ago, we went with Orca Mactac’s HT Film as an alternative to traditional paint when constructing our 45 meter high-speed catamaran, Grey Lady IV at Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding. It has proven to be very durable and has retained its luster and gloss quite nicely. It is more environmentally friendly and better suited to our shipyard periods which are typically during the winter months when paint conditions are very difficult. Easy to clean and maintain!”

R. Murray Scudder Jr.
Hyannis, MA, Jul, 2021