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HT Film laminated with color CAST Film is an excellent solution for ID Marking, Warning Signs, Logos etc. on nacelles and turbine towers. With pre-cut ID marking and warning signs it is cost effective to install – on land or offshore. Damaged areas on offshore wind turbines are easier to repair with a dry product as vinyl film vs wet paint as there is NO spill and NO drying time. It is a totally environmentally friendly GREEN PRODUCT.


  • Templates are not necessary when applying vinyl film
  • Application of the film does not interfere with any other work performed simultaneously on the nacelle
  • Can be applied onshore prior to shipment out to final location of turbines
  • The HT Film can be laminated with any RAL color CAST Film
  • Logos can be pre-cut in any design / shape / color / pattern


  • Patching towers on location with a dry product is much easier and faster than paint. And NO pollution in the sea.
  • Patching blades on location (temporary protection)
  • Pre-cut ID marking and warning signs etc. can be applied on final location at sea
  • Excellent product for corrosion protection with proven track records for over 20 years