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Installation of the HT Film on accommodation buildings and big pipelines have proved to be costs effective. One of our oldest projects is oilrig “BRAGE” located in the North Sea – 120 Km / 75 miles west of Bergen, Norway. The HT Film was installed more than 20 years’ ago on location and is still protecting the accommodation building from corrosion. As of May 2022, the HT Film has been installed on additional 8 accommodation buildings on oil rigs in the North Sea.

  • Installation on accommodation buildings on offshore locations can be done from sky climbers and scaffolds.
  • As a dry product there is no waiting time for the installation to dry. The adhesive on the film hardens immediately. No spill and environmental issues as with paint.
  • Installation on existing painted surfaces is possible with proper preparation.
  • It is a totally environmentally friendly GREEN PRODUCT