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Oiltanking Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG has been using ORCA HT Anti-Corrosion Film since September, 2005 on two (2) storage tanks (# 70 & # 73) at the Hamburg Tank Terminal.

A total of 3.220 m 2 (34.647 ft2) of high gloss RAL 9003 White film was applied on the tank shell. The pure application process took 24 days with a total of 1.040 man hours.

The application of the film was done by cherry picker and did not create any overspray, high explosive or hazardous gases or any odors or damages to the environment.

Because of a fertilizer and grain plant in the immediate vicinity, the environment at this location is very tough for coating systems due to higher than average fouling on the tanks at this terminal. However, due to the high gloss surface of the ORCA HT film, the fouling is minor on # 70 and # 73 and is easy to remove by water cleaning.

All in all, the tank shells are in excellent condition. The latest inspection in 2015 (after 10 years) did not indicate any significant or visible difference in the appearance of the film from when it was applied in 2005. Minor repairs of small water bubbles and some damage at weld seams could/can be easily repaired by patchwork and there is no corrosion indicated at the relevant areas. The film still retains a high gloss finish and does not show any fading.

Due to the positive experience with the ORCA HT film at the Hamburg Terminal, Oiltanking Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG recommend to use the film on additional tanks at other terminals.