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Welcome to ORCA Mactac HT Film

ORCA Mactac HT Film is first and foremost an anti-corrosion product. It is the special glue on the back of the film that makes it different from any other vinyl film available in the maritime market place for application above waterline. The unique features of the product are its superior anticorrosion protection, durability and UV resistance. And overall, the benefits of this green product will result in lower maintenance costs over time.

The 125 micron thick HighTech Film is impervious to water, air, and chlorides. It is applied with a special technique which establishes a barrier over the steel primer or the bare aluminum surface. The ORCA Mactac HT Film has a special formulated acrylic adhesive backing that adheres to steel, aluminum and fiberglass and keeps water and chlorides from seeping beneath.

It is applied in the following market segments: